The World's First Desktop Rubber 3D Printer

Atomstack Cambrian, the most advanced 3D printer for thermoplastic rubber filament. With improved elasticity, high resiliency, Cambrian prints superior rubber ( 50-70A hardness) as well as traditional filaments such as PLA, TPU, TPE, ABS, PETG.

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The Most Advanced Elastic Rubber Filament For End-Use Parts

With exclusive Rub60 & Rub70 (50-70A hardness) filaments, the exclusive rubber extruder is capable of seamlessly producing virtually any end-use rubber products.

High Performance FDM Printing

Atomstack Cambrian perfectly prints traditional filaments such as PLA, TPU, TPE, ABS, & PETG. Architecture models, medical supplies and other creative ideas easily and professionally.

Create Affordable End Use Products

Save time and money with Atomstack Cambrian. A custom set of sneakers cost $10 only to print! Design anything you can imagine and unleash your creativity into real life products.

Every Detail Matters

Reusable Filament Plate Design

Atomstack cares about the environment as much as you do. We designed reusable filament plates for a smaller carbon footprint and better value.


The Performance of RUB70

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About Atomstack

Atomstack is on a mission to develop 3D printing technology that enables mass production of customized end-use products for people. Atomstack is a professional team focused on advanced desktop 3D printing and has years of experience in design and manufacturing.

The Cambrian period marked a profound change in life on Earth, likewise the Atomstack Cambrian is a great evolution in desktop 3D printing. Atomstack Cambrian is created for leading a new era of 3D printing that will revolutionize the application of FDM 3d printers.

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